Delmoria is ruled by King Tagoric Ithlin Basitor IV . The Basitor House is the third house to rule Delmoria. The Roland House ruled from 2908 to 3310 AR, and ended when there was no heir to throne. A battle for power erupted between the Houses of Basitor and Lancer. The House of Lancer initially took the throne and held it for 17 years, until 3327 AR, when King Fagen Lancer and his three sons were poisoned and died. A subsequent power struggle left the Kingdom without a ruler for three years, until Agen Basitor was crowned.

The Kingdom stretches from the northern coast of the eastern continent to the Gulf of Delmus. Its capital is Roth Koria, a metropolis that sits on the eastern edge of the Gulf. Delmoria is famous for its massive fortress in Blyth, the exquisite Whitewood forest, and the Maneray Academy. While its army is formidable, Delmoria's true strength is in its navy, which is reported to have over 600 warships.

Major Cities of Delmoria

Estesia , Delvin , Blyth , Ivenhall ,Keruth , Maneray , Roth Koria, Whitewood