Hit Dice 6
Size Large
Ability Scores
Strength 22 +6
Dexterity 19 +4
Constitution 13 +1
Intelligence 3 -4
Wisdom 13 +1
Charisma 11 0

Kwahu is the roc animal companion of Oro Steppewalker.

Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

Bite +10 2d6+6
2 Talons +9, 1d6+6

Skills: Acrobatics +8, Fly +9, Perception +6

Feats: Toughness, Weapon Focus(Bite), Improved Natural Attack(Bite)

Animal Tricks: Aid, Attack, Seek

Understands Common, but cannot speak


The morning after the raid on the Orc camp, Oro awoke to find a huge bird's egg in his room at the inn. Before he could begin his morning prayers to Erivan, the egg began to shake, and soon a bird's beak poked through the shell. A baby roc emerged, and Oro knew Erivan had heard his prayers of the last several years. Rocs are native to the Highlands of his youth, and he often admired them soaring on thermals high overhead. On a dare, he once tried to climb the side of a high cliff to reach a roc's nest, but failed miserably as rocs pride themselves in building nests in places that are inaccessible except from the air. Oro believes his respect and admiration of the roc are the reason Erivan granted him the Feather domain, and is thrilled to have this companion, whom he has named Kwahu.

Although Kwahu is but a baby, Oro has trained the bird to aid others in combat. The bird can't currently hover and make full attacks, but he can make flying attacks with the intention of distracting foes, allowing others to receive a bonus to their own attacks. With time Oro hopes to teach the bird to understand Common, so that everyone may instruct it during combat and not rely on simple animal tricks. He also wants to teach it to hover, so that it can make full attacks with its beak and talons and be a good flanking partner to whoever in the party needs one.